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As of Wednesday, April 15, 2008


Website Design & Development:


  • Original artists and image sources, as noted in alternate text tags throughout the website, retain rights to their respective images.

Photography: by Olaf Beckmann, Studio Jaschinski, unless otherwise noted

Historical photographs are from the Stags’ Leap Winery archives with the following exceptions:

  • Chase Era photographs are courtesy of the Oakland Museum of California
  • A number of Grange Era photographs are courtesy of the Grange Family

Artwork: original artwork in the collection of Stags’ Leap Winery

  • Map Engravings copyright © 2004 Roberto Rovira, All Rights Reserved
  • Billiards, acrylic on canvas, copyright © 2002 Dana DeKalb, All Rights Reserved
  • Frank Grange, Flashe on Linen, Patrick McFarlin
  • Watercolors, Dick Cole, 2003–2006

Website Text: by Theresa Whitehill, Colored Horse Studios

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