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Manor House

The Manor House

A training ground for the ultimate test of well-made wines. These wines are companions to food and conversation, bringing out the flavors of savory dishes, inspiring the gratifying passage of time.

The Stags' Leap Manor House

Built from stone quarried nearby, the Manor House has been home to three major family groups since 1890

The Manor House has been the setting for elegant dinner parties, comfortable games of Mah Jongg, idyllic moments of retreat. Built for a family, the stone house always seems most alive when occupied with lively conversation and gregarious bursts of movement. Even the ghost is known to have a taste for the latest fashions and gossip.

The two-story stone structure with crenellated corner tower, built from rock of a nearby quarry circa 1890, is the inspiration for the winery’s wine club, The Manor House Porch Society. Tasting Tours begin on the expansive wraparound porch, and after a stroll on the property, end up back at the Manor House for the tasting portion of the tour.
Stags' Leap Winery · 6150 Silverado Trail · Napa, CA 94558 · 1-800-395-2441
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